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Nikaia Water Sport : nautical base in Nice



Discover Nice like you've never seen it before!



will you dare the flyboard in Nice?



Slip & jump on the waves!



One of the most beautiful spots in the region!



And if you tried a ride in Air Stream Nice in TRIO?


Stand Up Paddle

Relaxing without the hustle and bustle of the beach


Discover the Bay of Angels as you have never seen it!


Unique on Nice! This machine can fly on the water

Young and old alike, it’s time to come and try out the most exciting holiday activities at the Nikaia watersport base. Located in the heart of Nice on the Promenade des Anglais, we offer the most original activities for an escape or for those eager for a thrill. Nice is the ideal place for water activities where you will get drunk with flight and descent.


Take a parasailing ride for exhilarating sensations. You gradually rise into the air, being towed by a boat. Harnessed to a parachute, you can perform all the acrobatic tricks you want. In solo or in group, you will climb up to several meters high for a breathtaking view of Nice.


Thanks to the flyboard you will propel yourself into the air in defiance of the law of gravity. Very trendy, it can be initiated alone or in groups, and is accessible from the age of 16. A professional instructor will supervise your learning and assist you from a jet ski to which you will be connected. Secure and easy to manoeuvre, you just need a little balance and agility.


Practice a new aquatic activity such as flyfish. It is a huge buoy, of specific shape, towed on the water, which lifts up in the wind at the speed you desire. Practiced by everyone, even the youngest, you will enjoy a moment of high aerobatics. Speed is adapted to your desires, and a qualified team ensures your safety for an incident free experience.


For an amazing aquatic activity, dare to use the towed buoy. Lying down or sitting on large buoys, you will be pulled forward on the water by a boat. Depending on the speed adopted by the driver, you are entitled to jumps on the waves, moments of flight a few meters above the water. It is an activity that can be practiced by adults and children for a strong sensation guaranteed.


Whether you are a fan of sliding or a simple amateur, try the essential water ski and its variant: wakeboarding. You will be towed with a cable by a boat, and you will use the waves as a springboard to perform incredible jumps and acrobatic tricks. For all age groups and adrenaline enthusiasts, sliding sport leaves you with a feeling of speed and freedom, but also an extraordinary memory.

Why choose Nikaia Glisse?

Nikaia Glisse is the reference in watersport in Nice. We offer you the most exciting and fun water activities for an unforgettable experience. Supervised by a state-certified instructor, you will be given some instructions and safety rules to make the most of your experiences. We provide you with reliable and space-saving equipment and ensure optimal safety in the practice of water sports.

For those looking for fun activities that combine sea and air, you will be served with Nikaia Glisse! Do not hesitate to contact us for any reservations or questions